Jennifer Lawrence Has Another Story Involving Bodily Functions, Because Of Course She Does

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05.13.16 3 Comments

America’s sweetheart and noted cooter-puncher Jennifer Lawrence is a treasure that we should wrap in bubblewrap and treat with the utmost of care. Both for preservation purposes and to avoid being hit with a BB gun while she’s taking a whiz.

The legend of J-Law: Relatable Everywoman has earned another chapter thanks to Academy Award winner’s most recent trip to The Graham Norton Show. We’ve already shared with you the X Men: Apocalypse star’s story of dance floor humilation in the presence of Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams, and now we’ve reached the bodily functions portion of the Jennifer Lawrence interview relay.

Sitting next to co-star James McAvoy, Lawrence explained how being transformed into Mystique has its drawbacks. For example, she to pee in a funnel while standing up. This isn’t a key part of the movie (sorry, perv community!), but instead a drawback of the makeup and costuming.

“The guys are like: ‘She’s a girl, she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom,'” explained J-Law on the costuming oversight that was likely murder on her bladder. Katherine Hepburn sure as sh*t wouldn’t stand for that. Well, she’d have to stand if she were in the costume, but you get what we mean.

An additional demerit to the peeing as Mystique experience came courtesy of McAvoy shooting a urinating Jennifer Lawrence. No really!

“I’ve actually burst into her bathroom with a BB gun while she was trying to pee in a funnel,” explained an unrepentant McAvoy.

The entire clip is worth a watch. It’s Friday. You’ve earned it.

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