Jeremy Piven Is Doing Press For The ‘Entourage’ Movie In Character As Ari Gold

The Entourage promotional campaign is in full swing this week, and Jeremy Piven, ever the professional thespian, decided that it would be fun to make all of his appearances in character as Ari Gold. Obviously, some of us would love if he’d make his appearances as Droz, but my campaign to have PCU shown on TV once a day for the rest of eternity will simply have to wait. If anyone thought that Piven was bluffing, he proved it in a seemingly scripted bit with Matt Lauer on Today this morning, as he discussed Ari Gold’s new book, The Gold Standard.

In this book – I have no idea if it’s an actual book, and I’m scared to look it up – Gold tells stories about his interactions with famous celebrities, and specifically Charlie Sheen. When Lauer asked the question about Sheen, he really had no clue that curse words would come, but he should have known. Thank God he didn’t because that reaction is priceless.