‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asks People On The Street: ‘Do You Know More Avengers Or Presidents?’

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04.14.16 2 Comments

Know who Grover Washington, Jr. is? No? He was an American jazz saxophonist who produced some of the most famous jazz, funk, and soul hits of the ’70s and ’80s. He’s also a former President of the United States, according to one of the many people Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s film crew talked to on Wednesday. Why? Probably because the subject was confused by the late night talk show’s prompt, “Do you know more Avengers or Presidents?” That, and because Captain America: Civil War isn’t actually a sequel to the 1990 Ken Burns documentary.

“There are so many comic book movies now. I wanted to get a sense of how many people actually know all the characters,” explained talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. “So we went out in the street and we asked people, ‘Name as many Avengers as you can.’ Then we asked them, ‘Name as many presidents as you can.'”

As soon as the word “presidents” leaves Kimmel’s lips, the studio audience released a collective sigh powerful enough to give Captain Jean-Luc Picard an intense migraine.

The answers presented in the segment were amazing, predictably. Some of the highlights include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Donald Trump
  • The shows (not the casts of) Dragnet and Hawaii Five-0
  • “I don’t vote.”
  • Thomas Edison
  • “Avengers? I dunno, aren’t they all just different colors?”
  • Ross Perot

We’re doomed.

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