J.K. Rowling Decided To Spend Her Friday Crushing Some ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Theories

There have been a lot of theories tossed about Harry Potter over the years, and author J.K. Rowling has done her best to keep the stories alive for fans of the series and add some more to the mythology behind the stories. We now know why the Dursley’s really hated Harry Potter and had him living under the stairs because J.K. Rowling cleared it up. We also know the sad story of Draco Malfoy and why he turned out the way he did in the popular book series.

But that doesn’t mean all of the stories and myths for the series are in her hands. There are plenty of fan theories that have sprouted out from the books and films, some skating on the edge of crazy territory. We’ve covered some of the mind blowing theories in the past, but now Rowling is coming to support once again and crushing several popular theories in the process. No, she’s not confirming anything about Dumbledore being dead (she sorta already did that), but he is involved in a way. Or he isn’t, all depending on how you look at it.

So, apparently, Harry Potter fans have created a theory that has Ron Weasley becoming Dumbledore through the power of time travel. Evidently, the books feature many similarities between the elder wizard headmaster and the fire-haired student, but Rowling was forced to stick a fork in this particular theory after a fan brought it up to her on Twitter.

Quick and to the point. Almost like she took that theory, thought about placing a death curse on it, and then decided to drown it in a barrel of butter beer, instead. If you think I’m just pulling every Harry Potter-related thing out that I’ve heard about, you’d be correct.

Another theory that popped up Rowling’s Twitter feed is the idea that Draco is a werewolf and Snape is some sort of vampire. It’d be easy to believe either and would certainly be a way to draw in the Twilight fandom, creating some sort of monstrosity of pop culture that the world likely couldn’t handle.

Luckily this is false too, saving us from the hell of vampire/lycanthrope/wizard story time for the rest of our days. Snape is just a really pale guy who enjoys sleek black robes and shadows, while Draco is just a little creep.

I’m sure there are more theories that are slinking around out there, quietly being passed around in chats and sub-reddits, attempting to hide from the watchful eye of J.K. Sauron, destroyer of dreams.

(Via Huffington Post / Twitter)