John Boyega Wants Everyone To Know That He’s #TeamCap

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As Marvel gears up for the release of Captain America: Civil War, lines have been drawn in the sand between Team Iron Man and Team Cap. Well, everyone’s favorite Stormtrooper has officially picked a side, with Star Wars: The Force AwakensJohn Boyega weighing in on Twitter.

After playing a character that so resolutely threw off the shackles of the establishment (The First Order instead of the United States government), it makes sense that Boyega would feel an affinity to Captain America. However, I hate to break it to him, but Black Panther appears to have chosen as side, and that side is Team Iron Man. While it is rumored that his vendetta is more against Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier than Captain America, he appears to be working alongside Tony and the rest of the team. Still, he could prove to be a wild card in the conflict.

With Star Wars and Marvel under the same Disney umbrella, it’s fun to see a tiny bit of crossover, even if it only takes place on Twitter. Still, Boyega reminds us all where his true allegiance lies:

Time to go fire up some Stormpilot fanfic, you guys. I know you’ve got your favorites saved.

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)