‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega Disagreed ‘With A Lot Of The Choices’ In ‘The Last Jedi’

Before The Last Jedi (which we ranked as the third best Star Wars movie) was released in theaters, Mark Hamill voiced his displeasure with writer/director Rian Johnson’s direction for Luke Skywalker. “I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character,” the actor told Johnson. (He also called The Last Jedi Luke “not my Luke Skywalker.”) Hamill later apologized for making their disagreement public, but he wasn’t the only Star Wars actor to question Johnson’s vision.

The Force Awakens I think was the beginning of something quite solid, The Last Jedi if I’m being honest I’d say that was feeling a bit iffy for me,” John Boyega (Finn) told Hypebeast. “I didn’t necessarily agree with a lot of the choices in that and that’s something that spoke to Mark [Hamill] a lot about and we had conversations about it. And it was hard for all of us, because we were separated.” In The Last Jedi, Rey learned how to become a Jedi with Luke, Poe butted heads with Leia and Holdo, and Finn and Rose went off on a casino adventure — the characters don’t come together until the ending (which is also when Rey and Poe meet for the first time). But it’s hard to take the “we were separated” criticism too seriously, because Luke is separated from Han and Leia for much of The Empire Strikes Back, and that movie turned out pretty good.

Boyega continued:

“I guess the original Star Wars films, there was much more of a trio feel where it was essentially about Luke’s journey, but Han and Leia there was a strong dynamic, which I think, I don’t know how quickly we’re going to be able to establish that longterm dynamic with [Rise of Skywalker]. But if it’s exploring that dynamic, then that would be cool. I do feel even after three films still, we don’t know them as much as we got to know Han, Luke, Leia. And maybe that’s a great opportunity to get to know them a little bit more.”

I see what Boyega is getting at. He wants Finn to know Poe… in the biblical sense.

(Via Hypebeast)