John Carpenter Raises An Interesting Point On How We Interpret Creative Works With His Comments On ‘They Live’

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01.05.17 2 Comments

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John Carpenter has always been fairly outspoken when it comes to his films and how they’re viewed in the years since their release. He’s fought over them in court, claiming victory against Luc Besson due to similarities between Lockout and Escape From New York, and he’s had some harsh words to share with those remaking his films. Rob Zombie knows this well. Carpenter is even outspoken over properties that aren’t his, like the time he criticized The Walking Dead.

The director’s most recent outburst dives in a little deeper than his previous comments, raising an interesting point on how creative work is interpreted after its release. Carpenter tweeted out the following comment on They Live, a film that could possibly be interpreted a few different ways and made relevant for modern audiences. Some of those interpretations are quite unsavory, though, and the “master of horror” isn’t having it:

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