Neo-Nazis Are Accusing ‘Rogue One’ Of Being Anti-White And Calling For A Boycott

Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate people in the world, and many times that is a good thing. Would we have gotten The Force Awakens without the fervor from the original trilogy lasting for 30-plus years? With people who held on even through the struggle that was the prequel trilogy? Plus, intense fandoms can be great for things like forging relationships with other fans who love something just as much, or people who want to attach themselves to something that has a larger meaning and is an allegory for relevant themes in the world.

Sometimes though, fandoms can get carried away “defending” something they supposedly love dearly as is the case now in advance of the Rogue One release. Neo-Nazis everywhere are getting all up in arms about the movie supposedly being “anti-white” because it is following in The Force Awakens‘ footsteps by featuring a female lead and a supporting cast that is diverse and multi-cultural. The uproar began months ago when the first trailer was released, with one opposer saying that the movie looked like “nothing but a Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-White hate” because “nearly all of the major characters are non-Whites and the main character is an empowered White female” or because the only White people in the new Star Wars films are villains (also not true, but okay).

Now, after a writer on the movie took a jab at Trump, a recent Reddit post has kicked up the fervor all over again with social media swirling with #DumpStarWars hashtags and a call for a larger boycott of the highly-anticipated standalone Star Wars project just a week before it premieres. The outcry isn’t just coming from the Alt-Right or Nazi-leaning observers, but from others that are upset about the overall movie’s representation problems. Or maybe it’s just about the perceived overall quality of the spinoff and not actually about white representation in films? Some tweets go as far as calling the movie “anti-American” and “liberal propaganda.”

Others are seeing the absurdity behind the movement though, as Star Wars has always been an inherently political series of films. Stormtroopers share a name with German military forces of course, and the Hitler and Nazi Germany imagery in Force Awakens could not possibly have been clearer. So the fact that certain corners of the internet are just figuring these parallels out now, after some of them have openly admitted they’ve been fans since 1977, is a tad ridiculous.

The boycott probably won’t damage Rogue One’s box office in any real way though, as it is expected to gross $130 million or more in its opening frame along.

(via IB Times)