John Travolta Mocks Facial Hair And Boston Accents In ‘The Forger’ Trailer


Just look at that brown cotton ball of manliness that someone applied to John Travolta’s dimpled chin for this otherwise interesting idea of a heist movie. For reasons known only to the actor, Travolta can’t take on a serious role without playing mix and match in the hair bin of a Hollywood studio’s POD units, and for his upcoming film The Forger, he picked out a doozie of a look. Travolta plays the art game’s best forger, hence the simple title, and he called in a favor to a pretty serious bad guy so he could get out of prison nine months early and catch up with his son.

The only problem is that the bad guy wants Travolta to pull off the heist of a lifetime by copying a priceless Monet so he can steal the real thing. But hey, wouldn’t the bad guy be easily fooled by the perfect forgery, too? Instead of trying to predict the plot, though, let’s just instead focus on Travolta’s attempt at a Boston accent, because it’s pretty great. It’s not Nic Cage as a medieval cockney rock star, but it’s up there.