John Travolta Claims He Mispronounced Idina Menzel’s Name Because ‘Sexy’ Goldie Hawn Distracted Him

John Travolta stopped by Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show last night and finally opened up about the infamous Idina Menzel Oscars moment. No, not the awkward face grab from last night (although he did mention it), but getting into the way back machine to last year’s Oscars when he absolutely butchered Menzel’s name as he introduced her onstage. Apparently, there’s no love lost between the two, but Travolta explained in full the circumstances that led to one of the most talked about Oscars gaffes of all time:

1. Page Stuck In The Elevator

Travolta was supposed to get a 15 minute notice before he was to go onstage, but his own personal Kenneth “got stuck in the elevator” (and by “got stuck in the elevator” I mean he was definitely not hiding from John Travolta somewhere). As such, when the “backup page” finally reached him, he had only a minute and 15 seconds to mentally prepare.

2. Phonetic Spelling Of Idina Menzel

Now this one I can completely understand. At the very last minute, before Travolta was to go out on stage, they supposedly gave him a cue with a phonetic spelling of Idina Menzel’s name on it, presumably to ensure that he wouldn’t mispronounce her name. Obviously, that tactic didn’t work out so great.

3. Stupid Sexy Goldie Hawn

Now, if he would have just left it at No. 1 and No. 2, I would be like, okay, these are perfectly conductive circumstances for Travolta mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name. But because Travolta is a magna cum laude alum of Tries Too Hard University, he had to add this whole part in about “charismatic, sexy, beautiful” Goldie Hawn with the face and the amazing thing, and he was starstruck, “hugging and loving her up” so much so that he completely forgot that he was needed elsewhere. Because of his virile heterosexual desires, you understand?

Hey, if John Travolta claims that’s his 100 percent, accurate account of what went down, who are we to say otherwise? You just keep on keepin’ on, Travolta.