Johnny Depp Is Joining The ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Series, And It’s Sooner Than You Think

11.01.16 1 year ago

MGM/Warner Bros.

Shortly after the news broke that the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie would in fact be the first of five in a series instead of three, a major addition to the series’ cast has been announced. Johnny Depp, coming off a rough year both professionally and personally, has been cast in an unknown role for the second film in the pentalogy and presumably movies beyond that as well.

Surprisingly, Depp will make a cameo appearance in the first movie which is coming out in only a matter of weeks. Based on that timeline, the cameo must have been filmed long before the casting only to be kept under the tightest of wraps since it was added. Since it is such a closely guarded secret, that also probably means Depp’s character is already a big deal in the Harry Potter universe and therefore known by fans.

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