Johnny Depp Made His Annual Visit To A London Children’s Hospital Dressed As Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp made his return to Jack Sparrow once again, but not on the big screen. Instead, he donned the costume to head to Great Ormond Street Hospital and surprise the children on Friday. Depp has donned his costume and returned to the hospital since 2007 after his daughter Lily-Rose was admitted due to kidney failure, not to mention he branched out and did the same for Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia near the end of last year.

Even if Depp isn’t the most popular guy at the moment, it’s still a good deed for him to come out for the kids and it’s something that seems very important to him. He explained his motivations during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show last year, claiming his daughter’s illness was a dark moment in his life and being able to “bring a smile” to the kids at the hospital “means everything in the world.”

The folks at the hospital couldn’t help but share the visit on social media, with Depp in full Jack Sparrow mode. The best response was definitely the girl who posted a photo with the tweet saying “what the f*ck.” I think that’d be the least you’d say if you saw a guy wearing a full pirate costume walk in to visit you in the hospital. I’d also be checking my IV to make sure someone wasn’t drugging me. Check out the photos below:

(Via Metro)