We Live In A Society Where A Man Dressed As The Joker Is Running For Governor In Japan

There’s only one politician who can unite us now: the Joker.

Yuusuke Kawai is running for governor of the Chiba Prefecture in Japan, the home of Tokyo Disneyland. Unsurprisingly, some of his platforms are Disney-related, including re-naming Narita International Airport to “Disney Sky” (a nod to DisneySea, considered the greatest theme park in the world) and making Frozen‘s “Let It Go” the official theme song of Chiba. Also, Kawai wants to replace the word “trash” with “star fragment” and, oh yeah, he’s dressed like the Joker. Not just any Joker, either, but Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker. “Since the clown is kind of a dark hero, I had this impression that I could get the support of the masses,” the edgelord politician explained to Tokyo Sports. “I’m going to aim for laughs. Even if [I] talked [as] my true self, it wouldn’t be news.”

Honestly, he sounds like a better governor than his competitor:

Yuusuke Kawai announced his candidacy with the Party to Make All of Chiba a Land of Dreams and Magic with an agenda that appeared intent on riling up his rival candidate, Masayuki Hiratsuka. His opponent — a former Protect the Nation from NHK member — is the current head of the People’s Sovereignty Party, known for its anti-mask stance and slogans such as “COVID-19 is just a cold” and “Vaccines are dangerous.”

In response to the anti-maskers, Kawai said, “Just getting colds is not pleasant,” adding “that masks can also prevent seasonal allergies and that some people like wearing masks to cover their faces,” according to the New York Post. He also has a music video.

He has my tWiStEd vote (as long as he swaps “Let It Go” for “Poor Unfortunate Souls”).

(Via New York Post and Tokyo Sports)