‘Quantumania’ Star Jonathan Majors Shared His Cinematic Method For Finding Love (And Getting The Heck Out Of It)

Jonathan Majors has been showing off his physical side with super-jacked performances in Magazine Dreams, Creed III, and the upcoming Marvel blockbuster, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But with Valentine’s Day in the air, the actor showed off his softer, more romantic side where he admits that he falls in love “every day” and cries “probably a few times a week.” In fact, after so many physical roles, the actor would love to star in a romantic comedy.

While promoting Quantumania, Majors opened up about love and how he still doesn’t grasp how he’s become a heartthrob. “It’s a mystery,” Majors said. “It’s so strange because growing up in my neighborhood, people would say, ‘Oh, J with the big nose and the big lips.’ I was just not that guy.”

Majors eventually found his groove when it comes to love, and he’s more than willing to share his secret to attracting the opposite sex. Via The Cut:

For a surefire way to fall in love in 48 hours: “Send a text message with a song. My song of choice would be ‘Come Over,’ by Aaliyah. Then only wear sweatpants. You then have to watch Love Jones–slash–Love & Basketball. After that, the song you should be playing is ‘Whenever Wherever Whatever,’ by Maxwell. The next day, send them another song by Maxwell with ‘I thought you’d like this.’ And it works both ways. If a woman did that to me, I’d lose my mind.”

When it comes time to break up, Majors has you covered there, too.

“First, play ‘Creep,’ by TLC, on repeat,” he said. “Then hum it in the morning, then watch Blue Valentine with your partner and your cat. Then play ‘No Scrubs,’ at which point you would’ve completely ended your relationship.”

(Via The Cut)