Julian Assange Dons A Disguise In The Trailer For The Wikileaks Documentary ‘Risk’

Citizenfour director Laura Poitras is following her insightful portrait of Edward Snowden as he released his leaks with a look at another controversial thorn in the side of governments around the world — particularly the United States. With Risk, Poitras concludes six years following the exploits of Julian Assange, the sexual allegations against him, his life in the Ecuadorian embassy, and the effect Wikileaks has had on the world under his watch. It should be an interesting watch when it drops on Showtime this summer, but a little bit of a harder sell given the subject’s status with the public.

At least it would be if Julian Assange wasn’t putting on disguises and running around looking like someone’s drunk uncle in the trailer. The disguise should remind you of the rumored escape plans for Assange from his current home in the Ecuadorian embassy. According to The Guardian, disguises were only one part of the action-packed ideas being tossed around:

Ecuadorian officials reportedly considered smuggling Julian Assange out of their embassy in London by disguising him in fancy dress, in one of a number of potential plots to evade police stationed outside.

It was also suggested the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, who has been holed up in the embassy since 2012, could hop across the Kensington rooftops to a helipad, or become lost in the crowds in Harrods, according to documents seen by Ecuadorian news site Focus Ecuador and Buzzfeed UK.

Another option for getting Assange out was to appoint him Ecuador’s representative to the UN and hustle him out in an official car under the protection of diplomatic immunity.

Giving Assange diplomatic immunity would bring all of those “evil villain” dreams come true for a lot of people. SNL would need to bring Bill Hader back to play the guy once again to take over your television screens. Here’s hoping this documentary will give us a look at Pamela Anderson’s many visits too, if only to keep the attention away from the really scary and awful things going on elsewhere.

(Via Showtime)