‘Jurassic Sweet’ Is An Art Project That Makes The Genetic Engineering Of ‘Jurassic Park’ Incredibly Delicious

Artist Alejo Malia has created a very tricky sort of dinosaur with this series of art pieces depicting the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park as delicious treats. There’s a harmless Cupcakeceratops, a deceptively deadly Cookieraptor, and the Donutsaurus Rex you see above. How The Simpsons never did an episode about this, I don’t know.

This isn’t the first time that Malia has brought two contrasting culture items together for his work. Back in 2010 he completed a set of illustrations that got some attention, depicting Google Maps famous icons as real world fixtures that filled the landscape. He also had some fun with the Starbucks logo last year, depicting a different type of customer within each.

You can check out the rest below, but be sure to check out the rest of Malia’s work and throw him a little support over at his main web site. I’ll just be here wondering what I would do in a theme park inhabited by gigantic confectionery monsters. I can tell you who’d be perfect for a job at the park: Fat Chris Pratt. Get back to not working, Starlord.

(Via Alejo Malia / Bēhance / Laughing Squid)