Cyborg Makes His Debut In A ‘Justice League’ Teaser

After four teasers showing off each member of the Justice League, DC has arguably saved the best for last, as we finally get a look at Cyborg, the most mysterious of the Justice League. And he looks faithful to the comics in more ways than one.

For those unfamiliar, Vic Stone (Ray Fisher), Cyborg’s given name, was a quarterback at a Gotham City college (something this trailer has a nice little nod to in the first shot if you look closely at his jacket), before suffering a horrific car crash. Rather than watch his son die, as you might remember from Batman v Superman, his father used experimental technology to give him a largely cybernetic body. This hasn’t done wonders for their family relationships, but it does give Vic a bunch of awesome superpowers and a notable facility for hacking, as well.

The twist here is that his cybernetics have some ties to the big bad of the movie, as his tech was made from a Mother Box, a sentient computer used by the New Gods to get around, answer questions, and generally remind us the early ’70s had some strange ideas about the future. Just how that’ll pay off will have to be seen this November, but at least we get the trailer tomorrow.

(via YouTube)