Keanu Reeves Will Save The World (Again) In Tarsem Singh’s ‘The Panopticon’

Keanu Reeves seems to be in the midst of a bit of a comeback. His recent revenge flick John Wick has picked up great reviews and some solid box-office receipts, and he has a ton of stuff already filmed or in the works, such as new Eli Roth horror flick Knock Knock, courtroom drama The Whole Truth and indie Daughter of God.

Well, the next big project on Keanu’s plate is The Panopticon, a new sci-fi thriller being directed by Tarsem Singh, the visually stylish director behind movies like The Cell and Immortals. The screenplay will be by Craig Rosenberg, a former writer on Lost, so expect some wacky twists and turns along the way. Here’s a quick synopsis of the plot for The Panopticon…

“’The Panopticon’ follows a seemingly ordinary man who receives a mysterious package containing a pre-recorded message from himself, warning that the world is about to end and only he can save it. He must race against the clock to piece together the puzzle before time runs out for mankind.”

Sounds fairly interesting, although after the terrible The Day the Earth Stood Still, I’m leery of any movie where Keanu has to decide the world’s fate. Better to keep things down to earth – that dog was a gift from his dying wife, dammit!

Murder spree, justified.

Via The Wrap