Kevin Hart Calls Out The Ridiculousness Of The ‘Ghostbusters’ Backlash

Columbia Pictures / Shutterstock

The 2016 version of Ghostbusters is a strange, sordid tale of how controversy can seemingly arise from just about anything, even if said controversy lacks any logic to it whatsoever. Regardless of the backlash, the hate and the sympathy that has arisen for the film, it has delivered at the box office and this probably won’t be the last that we see of the franchise.

Voices included in talking about the all-female Ghostbusters haven’t stopped just yet and the latest voice in the chorus of supporters is none other than comedian Kevin Hart, reports EW.

“So I applaud those women for going and doing it, and they were funny. Those women were funny. Melissa McCarthy is a great friend of mine, and so is Leslie [Jones]. And not only has Leslie been in the business of comedy for years, but the first opportunity she has in a big role, people try to destroy her character — the sea of negative flack that came with it, it was ridiculous… They didn’t go back and punch Dan Aykroyd in the face! I just applaud them all because I’m a fan of comedy. And I think every single woman that was cast in that movie did an amazing job.”

Hart also spoke about how he’s so used to critics bashing his movies that he doesn’t consider their opinions anymore, even though critics seem to kinda like Ghostbusters and it’s mostly independent critics and fans who seem disenchanted by the remake.

(Via EW)