Kevin Hart Is Going To Star In A Superhero Comedy Called ‘Night Wolf’

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Kevin Hart has become a movie star without participating in the medium’s number one — and, at this point, just about only — major genre: the comic book movie. That ends now. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the comic — and, lest we forget, almost-Oscar host — is going to headline Night Wolf, a superhero comedy from two of the writers behind Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

If you’ve never heard of Night Wolf, that’s because it’s not based on any existing property, as is almost always the case with superhero movies. It’s what in the industry is referred to as an “original idea.” Hart will play a man who meets his future father-in-law, only to discover he’s a superhero boasting the eponymous name.

The premise was devised by Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, who, in addition to being two of four credited screenwriters on Detective Pikachu, have written and produced the recent revival of The Tick as well as the recently salvaged reboot of One Day at a Time.

Hart, meanwhile, seems to have fully rebounded from last winter’s Oscar host controversy, which found him criticized for old homophobic jokes, eventually pulling out of the gig and leading to a host-free award show. He even had a hit in the drama-comedy The Upside, which a lot more people saw than you perhaps thought.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)