‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Doesn’t Feature As Much Channing Tatum As The Promo Blitz Suggests

Matthew Vaughn’s uproariously shameless Kingsman movies aren’t for everyone. If you couldn’t sort that out from the first film’s fondness for ultraviolence and bum sex jokes, a glance at Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and your own Twitter feed will probably paint the mixed attitudes picture for you. If you made the trek to theaters to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle, you might have noticed that there’s a smidge less Channing Tatum than advertised. There’s a reason for that and if you’re willing to navigate potential spoilers we can pass it along.

Tatum’s handsome mug has been plastered all over the promo for The Golden Circle, but the initial tease of Tatum taking out bad guys with a superwhip isn’t quite the role he has onscreen. You still get Tatum (who goes by the name Tequila in the franchise), just a different version than what was hinted at. His character is sidelined for a large portion of the movie for starters. Chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, star Taron Egerton noted that the film had to accommodate some moving parts.

“How did you know that?” joked Egerton when asked about Channing’s place in the movie. “There was a shift of sorts. There was some changing because of Channing’s schedule. The thing is that the script is constantly in flux.”

Clocking in at a robust 141 minute runtime and an ample abundance of stars, it doesn’t seem all that shocking The Golden Circle was reshaped through the filmmaking process. The reduced presence of Egerton resulted in working more with fellow Kingsman star Pedro Pascal.

“He’s amazing,” Egerton told THR.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is now in theaters.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)