Monsters Exist In The New Trailer For ‘Kong: Skull Island’

Entertainment Editor
11.17.16 14 Comments

“Is that a monkey?” No, it’s just a bit bigger than that. Check it out in the new trailer for Kong: Skull Island, which just premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Starring Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John C. Reilly, and Samuel L Jackson, you’d almost think this was a Marvel movie, but it’s part of Legendary Pictures’ new shared monster universe with includes the recent reboot of Godzilla.

The new trailer shows quite a bit more than the first one from San Diego Comic-Con, although director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings Of Summer) hasn’t been shy about showing the monster, telling Entertainment Weekly, “I’m sort of sick of the notion that a monster movie needs to wait an hour or 40 minutes until the creature shows up… Something about this movie made me want to reject that and play a very, very different game.”

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