Here’s What Leonardo DiCaprio’s Acceptance Speech Should Have Looked Like

For one shining moment last night, all of America (that watched the Oscars) came together to celebrate the fact that multi-millionaire model-dater Leonardo DiCaprio finally got the Academy Award he’s so rightly deserved since whenever he was first nominated for a golden statuette. But considering that DiCaprio won his award for The Revenant, a movie that featured a bear prominently in both the actual filmmaking and behind the scenes lore (no, no one got sexed up by a bear in the film) (and especially not twice), there was a surprising lack of ursine involvement in his acceptance speech. Fortunately, a Reddit user with some amazing flip book-making skills has changed that. Check out what should have happened, based on a post made by user Ibleedorange.

Of course, that’s only one beautiful piece of art that has come out of DiCaprio’s first Oscar win. If bear maulings are not your speed (why?), then you might like this imagining of what the actor’s struggle to the win looked like. Spoiler alert: It ends with DiCaprio in space…which is the one place he hasn’t gone in the movies yet, right?

And with this win comes the end of an internet era. Bye, Leo memes! We barely knew ye!