Leslie Jones Has Had Just About Enough Of People Calling It ‘Lady Ghostbusters’

A few Saturday Night Live cast members were at the Tribeca Film Festival to support Live From New York!the new documentary about the show, which premiered at the festival this week. Leslie Jones was there, and she was asked about starring in the new “lady Ghostbusters” movie. After Sasheer Zamata made an epic face of disgust, Jones took a moment to school the reporter on gender-neutralizing the reboot.

Because 1. you don’t mess with Leslie Jones and 2. why is it so hard to imagine women busting ghosts? It’s just a freaking job. Get over it, crybabies.

Also, watch Aidy Bryant just smile and nod and wait for it all to be over. I wonder how often this comes up at SNL. Maybe people have already died.

Source: Ghostbusters News