The ‘Life’ International Trailer Unleashes Killer Aliens On Ryan Reynolds, Just In Time For Halloween

We’re overdue for a movie about being trapped on a space station with a ticked-off alien, so thankfully Sony is stepping into the breach with Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson and Jake Gyllenhaal in tow with Life. And it looks like a promisingly creepy time!

The plot is fairly straightforward; the crew of the International Space Station retrieve a Mars rover and discovers the first incontrovertible proof of alien life, a single-celled life-form. Being a horror movie, the staff doctor immediately makes some incredibly poor scientific decisions involving shocking the thing with electricity and starving it of oxygen, so it kills him, escapes into the space station, and, well, it’s up to the remaining crew to get it before it gets them. Oh, and did we mention the station is falling out of orbit? That’s a problem too.

This has a strong Deadpool connection in that Reynolds is back working with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screenwriters of the superhero comedy and should-be Oscar nominee. The director, Daniel Espinosa, has also worked with Reynolds in the past, on the thriller Safe House, so at least you know Reynolds sticks by his buddies. We’ll get to see just how hard Life is on the people who experience it May 24th of next year.

(via YouTube)