Take A Look Inside The Very Real And Glorious ‘Star Wars’ R2-D2 Plane

The folks over at Mashable had the chance to explore the amazing specimen that is the R2-D2 plane, built by a Japanese airline to perfectly represent everyone’s favorite droid (um, sorry C-3PO). The plane made its first trip outside of Japan with a quick flight to Singapore and, upon landing, had everyone scrambling to check if the inside is just as cool as the outside. To no one’s surprise, that exact hope proved to be true. The inside of the plane includes matching R2-D2 seats, stewardesses with lightsabers and a stuffed Yoda doll hitching an international ride. Basically, it’s every Star Wars fan’s dream plane. It’s so much better than R2-D2 being turned into a fridge.

Not only is this plane an incredible display of humongous fan art, but the same airline is planning to build and design three more planes in partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm. That’s right! Even more planes done up as iconic characters from one of the greatest franchises of all time. Perhaps a Leia plane with cinnamon bun curl headphone sets for every passenger, or a Han Solo jet that gives everyone a stuffed Chewbacca as they board. The best part is that this tie-in at least makes sense, unlike some other corporate marketing stunts from the past. Planes are the closest that most people will get to space, after all.

Who knew it would ever be reasonable to nerd out this much about a Boeing jet? The next three plane designs are still under wraps, but this fan is humbly suggesting that one should be painted to look just like a TIE fighter. What pilot wouldn’t want to pretend they’re targeting the death star every time they land?

(via Mashable)