The Lost Boys Reunite And Remember Robin Williams On The 25th Anniversary Of ‘Hook’

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Hook? In Robin Williams‘ iconic 1991 film, he plays a grown up Peter Pan who must return to Neverland to rescue his own children from Captain Hook, where he encounters the Lost Boys, now led by the feather-mohawked Rufio. Initially refusing to believe Pan has really returned, the Lost Boys eventually team together with him to finally defeat Hook once and for all.

In the years since Hook, the young actors who played the Lost Boys, who ranged from six to seventeen years old while they were filming, have never reunited. Until now, that is. It took two years, but the production company 22 Vision were finally able to wrangle all eight original Lost Boys together — Thomas Tulak (Too Small), Ahmad Stoner (No Nap), James Madio (Don’t Ask), Jasen Fisher (Ace), Dante Basco (Rufio), Bo Gheorghe (Noseminer), Raushan Hammond (Thurd Butt), and Isaiah Robinson (Pockets) — for an epic photo shoot, even recreating their original looks from the film.

But the reunion was also bittersweet, as tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Robin Williams’ tragic passing. The grown up stars took some time to remember the beloved actor in an accompanying interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I think for all of us [Robin’s death] was the death of our childhood,” Basco said of the loss. “There’s sadness there, also there’s a lot of space to kinda celebrate one of the most legendary artists of our time.”

“[Robin] really taught me at a young age what it means to be a star, what it means to be a leader on a set,” he continued. “Everything you want Robin Williams to be he delivered in spades.”

“He kept the set very alive,” Madio added. “He made sure that he had a relationship with each and every one of us.” “It was like his mission to make sure everyone around him is happy and laughing all the time,” Tulak shared.

You can see some of the photos of the reunion below, but you can check out the full gallery over on 22 Vision’s Facebook page.

(Via ET)