The Fate Of Karen And Harry’s Disastrous Marriage In ‘Love Actually’ Has Been Revealed

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People either love or hate Love Actually, but some of us are lucky enough to meet the subject with ambivalence and don’t find the dissection painful. One lingering mystery of the film involves the fate of Karen (Emma Thompson) and Harry (Alan Rickman). The audience learns that Harry is a dirty dog when he gets cozy with his secretary, Mia. Karen discovers how Harry bought a pricey necklace that wasn’t for her, and she sees Harry flirting with Mia. However, Karen and Harry appear to be together at the end of the movie. So, what the hell happened?

The truth came to town on Twitter, where Emma Freud revealed all to rabid Love Actually fans (they do exist). Freud was a script editor for the film, and she’s also married to the film’s writer and director, Richard Curtis. The two did not see eye to eye while penning the fates of Karen and Harry, but Curtis got his way. And the results are even more depressing than watching Karen cry over Harry’s wandering ways. One Twitter user asked whether Harry had an affair with Mia or reconsidered before it was too late.

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