Tom Cruise Is Developing A New Sci-Fi Film With Doug Liman

Tom Cruise is a picky actor. No, he’s not hard to work with, but he does choose his directors wisely (as every actor should). After a successful run with Edge of Tomorrow with director Doug Liman, Cruise is back to developing a new project with the sci-fi filmmaker and Paramount Pictures: Luna Park.

This film has been in production since 2011 and is near and dear to director Liman’s heart. He has a talent for telling very human sci-fi stories. That’s tough. And these days, with sci-fi becoming quite shaky, we need to welcome storytellers like this with open arms. Actors like Andrew Garfield and Chris Evans were rumored to have circled the lead role, but Paramount is eyeing Cruise. This is a good decision because, regardless of personal beliefs, Tom Cruise is one of the best action stars and producers today.

Edge of Tomorrow was a success both critically and financially. Yes, domestically it was about $80 million under its budget, but the international sell was a huge pickup. With this in mind, Skydance is probably somewhat uneasy about becoming attached to the project. The production company was originally attached in 2011, but they hopped off the train once the budget started surpassing the $100 million mark. But, with the success of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, chances are they will probably come back into the mix.

The plot of Luna Park will surround  a group of employees who go to the moon to steal an energy source. That’s barely passable for a logline, but it will have to do for now.

(Via Variety)