Lupita Nyong’o Says ‘Black Panther 2’ Has Been ‘Reshaped’ To Respect Chadwick Boseman’s Death

Black Panther star Lupita Nyong’o has opened up about the daunting prospect of forging ahead with a sequel to the groundbreaking first film following the shocking loss of Chadwick Boseman. The actor passed in August 2020 after a years-long and secret battle with colon cancer, which obviously left a significant (and some might argue irreparable) hole in the upcoming sequel, but Nyong’o recently revealed that writer/director Ryan Coogler has been rising to the challenge of reworking the movie to honor Boseman’s legacy and move the world of Wakanda forward. Via Yahoo:

“And his idea, the way which he has reshaped the second movie is so respectful of the loss we’ve all experienced as a cast and as a world. So it feels spiritually and emotionally correct to do this. And hopefully, what I do look forward to, is getting back together and honoring what he started with us and holding his light through it. Because he left us a lot of light that we’re still going to be bathing in. I know that for sure.”

While the details of Black Panther 2‘s story are under wraps because it’s still being developed, and also Marvel is gonna Marvel, Michael B. Jordan is lowering expectations that he’ll return for the sequel. Here’s what he told The Jess Cagle Show when asked to rate the possibility of him returning on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most likely.

“I’m gonna go with a solid 2,” Jordan said. “I didn’t want to go zero! Never say never. I can’t predict the future.”

(Via Yahoo Entertainment & Entertainment Weekly)