Lupita Nyong’o Of ‘Black Panther’ Is Reportedly John Woo’s Choice To Be ‘The Killer’


The career trajectory of Lupita Nyong’o is that of smash hit after smash hit. We’ve seen her take home the Academy Award in 12 Years a Slave, and she’s thrilled the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a Wakandan spy in Black Panther. Now she landed a role that’s going to bring her to the next level. She’s going to be the lead in John Woo’s remake of The Killer.

The Killer was the film that truly kicked off Woo’s “pistol operas” in earnest. His signature white doves flying along with countless shell casings and innovative action sequences impacted not only the film industry but music as well. There would be no Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino without John Woo. And probably no John Wick. Even hip-hop embraced John Woo’s stylistic masterpieces, with Dan the Automator, Wu-Tang Clan and others paying homage to Chow Yun-fat’s perpetually firing guns. Now it’ll be Nyong’o pulling the trigger into infinity.

Watch some highlights here, but replace Yun-fat with Nyong’o:

According to Deadline, Woo will be directing and producing the remake of his opus, and production should begin later this year in France and Germany. The movie is reportedly being fast-tracked, but hopefully, they take the time and care to have this top the original and all the films it inspired, which will be no easy feat.

(Via Deadline)