Watch Machete’s Most Badass And Imaginative Kills

05.16.15 4 years ago

Danny Trejo’s been splitting heads and turning bad dudes’ torsos into Swiss cheese for over three decades now. He didn’t reach his full killing form, though, until the birth of Machete.

Machete’s over-the-top weaponry and the campy violence that permeates Robert Rodriguez’s movies isn’t for everybody (codpiece revolvers definitely have a niche audience). What the Machete movies lack in believability, plot and substance, they make up for with ridiculous explosions, cheesy dialogue and, well, good ol’ head choppin’ action.

Not that one needs an occasion to look back at Machete’s greatest kills, but with Danny Trejo turning 71 (not a typo) this week, now seems like the perfect time. So, in case you forgot, here are 12 examples to remind you what Machete does best. (Hint: it’s killing.)

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