Check Out Three Deleted Scenes From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Mad Max: Fury Road was one gigantic, epic car chase scene spread out over two hours, and it was also one of the best films of the year (the 3D version was immensely enjoyable). For those who didn’t get enough Max in the theaters, or who just plain missed it when it was released, there’s good news: it’s coming to DVD/Blu-ray on Sept. 1.

As is customary with most DVD releases, this one will feature several deleted scenes, but you won’t have to wait for it to hit shelves; you can watch them right now. The first scene doesn’t reveal much in terms of narrative, while the second two show a bit more of Immortal Joe along with a mother begging to get her child into the water-wealthy Citadel.

Along with the upcoming DVD release, Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is currently mulling over a Furiosa-centric Mad Max film. Creator George Miller already expressed that at least two more Mad Max films are planned out, so that means we’ll be getting more of the desert laden universe for several more years. That’s a good thing as long as continuous car chases aren’t the keystone of each film; that might get a bit tired.

(Warning: NSFW…there be very slight boobs in this footage)

(via The Playlist)