Mark Hamill Hypes ‘The Killing Joke’ By Going Full Joker At The ‘Star Wars’ Celebration

Mark Hamill is not only one of the greatest good guys in movie history, he’s also the voice of one of pop culture’s greatest villains — the Joker. Batman’s greatest rival has been played by a plethora of actors and voice actors over the years, but we know that Mark Hamill is the best. Sorry, Heath Ledger. There’s just something Hamill brings to the character that no one else ever has. And since he’s been voicing the Joker for so many years, I personally can’t help but hear his sadistic voice when I read the Joker’s words. The man is tied to the Joker, so when The Killing Joke came up at the Star Wars Celebration, Hamill couldn’t help but bring out his dark side (pun somewhat intended).

Now we’re on the cusp of The Killing Joke being released. As fans of the classic book know, this isn’t a Batman tale for kids. Alan Moore’s 1988 one-off release shows the darkest Joker. A man who is convinced that just one bad day can send someone over the edge, and he does everything he can to push Commissioner Gordon into the abyss.

The movie is going to be rated R — a first for Batman — and for good reason. There’s sexual assault, nudity, shocking violence, and it all plays out with a gleeful Joker at the steering wheel leading Batman and Gordon straight into hell.

(via OhNoTheyDidnt)