Here’s An Exclusive Look At Some Alternate Posters For ‘Morris From America’

Markees Christmas, the young star of Sundance favorite Morris from America, is poised to break out in a major way when the movie hits theaters later this month, and the young actor seems ready for his moment in the spotlight in two eye-catching new posters for the film, debuting today exclusively on Uproxx.

The striking one-sheets feature a mashup of imagery that’s both stark and messy, mirroring 13-year-old Morris’ awkward transition to life in Germany, where he’s recently relocated with his widower father (Craig Robinson, who snagged a special Sundance jury prize for his performance earlier this year). Morris attempts to put up a tough, self-proclaimed gangsta front, but he’s really a sensitive soul inside, eager to make his mark in the hip-hop world, and maybe win over an elusive older girl in the process. The frenetic handwritten lettering on the posters suggests Morris has plenty to say, and is in a hurry to get it all out; the popping colors and swagger that Christmas displays in each image have certainly got our attention.

“He’s come a long way,” one poster declares. We have a feeling that statement will apply to Morris at both the beginning and end of the film — and perhaps the movie’s rising star, too.

Below you’ll find a pair of alternate posters designed by the A24 team. Morris From America is currently available exclusively on DirecTV, and opens theatrically in NY/LA on August 19th.