Martin Lawrence Swears ‘At Least’ One More ‘Bad Boys’ Is Being Made, Even After That Whole Oscars Slap Thing

Bad Boys for Life was highest grossing American film of 2020, which is less of an achievement when you note the year was 2020. A fourth in the franchise was obviously a no-brainer, and it was already in pre-production when a little incident happened. Ever since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on live television during this year’s Oscars, all his projects were put on hold, Bad Boys 4 included. But now we have…well, something like an update.

In a recent cover story by Ebony (as caught by Deadline), Lawrence discusses the 30th anniversary of Martin, his beloved Fox sitcom, as well as finally nabbing a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There isn’t much mention of the co-star of three of his biggest big screen hits: his Bad Boys partner Will Smith. But he does seem pretty sure that another is coming, despite…well, all that.

“We got one more, at least,” Lawrence confidently says.

Is this an insider revealing that Hollywood is baby-stepping their way into accepting Smith back into the fold? Perhaps! (Though he is still banned from the Academy Awards ceremony until the early 2030s.) Smith will have to start his comeback eventually, and what would be a safer way to do that than returning to the franchise that took him (and Lawrence) from TV stars to movie stars?

(Via Ebony and Deadline)