Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, And Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Made A (Fake) Movie Together

Back when Martin Scorsese was struggling to bring his gritty New York tales into the cinematic mainstream, Robert De Niro served as his muse and talent of choice. The tandem worked together for eight films, but after the pair’s initial run — that ended with 1995’s Casino — Scorsese’s second chapter heavily featured Leonardo DiCaprio, starting with 2002’s Gangs of New York and running for five total films now.

Despite the obvious connection through their work, DiCaprio and De Niro have never worked on the same Scorsese project together, until now. These two spots for a fake film featuring the thespians battling it out for the lead in Scorsese’s next film is essentially an advertisement for the City of Dreams casino in Manila.

The first video is more like a teaser, and the second video (below) tries its best to emulate an actual film trailer and it’s not too far off.The fake film almost comes off like a Woody Allen movie, and kind of makes me wish it were real.