Matt Damon’s Impression Of John Malkovich In ‘Rounders’ Is Simply Wonderful

If you haven’t yet read GQ’s great profile on Matt Damon ahead of next week’s release of Jason Bourne, do yourself a favor and run through it, because there are some great quotes from his famous friends. If anything, the Prince story will make you laugh, but there are some other fun anecdotes from Damon’s past, including his feelings about “MAAAATT DAAAAMON” and how he and Edward Norton picked up some pointers to play poker badasses in Rounders.

For example:

Edward Norton (co-star, ‘Rounders’): Matt and I got coaching from top poker pros, but also from some guys in the underground poker scene who were experts in working a game as partners with coded signals, because that was something our characters did in the film. We decided we’d see if we could actually pull it off in a game, and we cut it apart. Then we walked down Sixth Avenue a few blocks and chopped up our collective winnings. We agreed that our commitment to the craft of acting justifiably forced our ethical standards into the backseat. And most of the money we clipped came off Harvey and Bob Weinstein, so we agreed that was good for humanity.

On top of that, Damon’s Bourne co-star Alicia Vikander explained how he helped her learn how to play craps, and then she spent some time alone in a Las Vegas casino drinking and gambling. And then, we would assume, she left because some sales bros in town for a convention wouldn’t leave her alone.

Anyway, the Rounders stories don’t end with the GQ profile, because Damon sat down with BBC Radio 1 on Thursday to talk about his return to ass-kickery, and he not only broke out a great story about Malkovich on the set of Rounders, but he also showed off his perfect impression of Teddy KGB. We might actually need to get Rounders 2 happening just so they can have a sh*t-talking scene where Mike McD mocks his rival.

(Via BroBible)