Matt Damon Is Trolling Psychologists Again In A Clip From ‘The Martian’

In a funny clip from The Martian aptly titled “The Right Stuff,” Fox shows us the crew of The Ares being interviewed by a NASA psychologist after spending 10 days in isolation. As with the trailer, I liked this more than I expected to, and I may not be alone in that considering Fox moved up the release date to October 2 after the trailer received far more views than they expected. Man, people just really want to see Matt Damon getting stranded on other planets, huh?

This time we get to see Jessica Chastain having no truck with sexist questions, Michael Pena being comic relief again, and Matt Damon reenacting one of the funniest parts of Good Will Hunting… messing with psychologists.

Yeah, how you like them apples, psychiatrist? Look at this guy. Probably a townie who doesn’t even root for tha Sawks. (GO SAWKS!) But, on to more serious matters, how can Aquaman control whales? Whales are mammals. It doesn’t even make sense.

(Via 20th Century Fox UK)