Everyone’s Favorite ‘Timeless’ Soldier Is Joining ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ In An Unknown Role

Yet another network star is making the jump to the big screen — but in this case it might not affect his lead status on the show. The actor in this case is Matt Lanter of the freshman NBC drama Timeless, and he will be joining Pitch Perfect 3 in an unknown role in his off time. “Off time” might not be the term used for much longer though. Timeless is receiving consistently average-to-good reviews critics but the ratings aren’t out of this world and the story seems to be spinning its wheels every so slightly.

All that taken into account, Lanter might not have to take any time off from filming the show if the show doesn’t exist beyond a first season. If it stays on the air though, there very well could be a chance that Lanter’s character Wyatt takes a few episodes off because he is stuck in time or some such. While his role has not been revealed, it will be interesting to see whether Lanter has the pipes to fit in on a Pitch Perfect stage, or whether he will simply be a non-singing love interest or adversary somehow. Somebody has to look cute and sing the 800th remix of cups, right?

(via Variety)