Matthew McConaughey And Idris Elba Had Some Twitter Fun About ‘The Dark Tower’ Casting Announcement

After years of casting rumors, film plans, reversals, and more rumors, the leads for the film adaptation of the Dark Tower book series have finally been confirmed. Matthew McConaughey (the McConaissance continues!) and Idris Elba are officially on board for the project, the former as the man in black and the latter as the gunslinger. It has been a long and winding road for Stephen King’s fantasy, with attempts at an adaption repeatedly falling apart. But now that the leads are in place and more casting is under way, everyone can rejoice. This includes McConaughey and Elba as well, who decided to let loose with a few jokes.

After Stephen King confirmed the announcement via Twitter, the two actors went back and forth about working together on the movie.

Nothing like some pretty solid puns that reference the opening line of a story to get you even more pumped up for one of the most anticipated adaptations in recent memory. There’s no sarcasm meant with that either, puns make everything better so we should be thankful to Matt and Idris for injecting some good ol’ dad humor into the day. Turns out that they’re not just award-winning pretty faces after all.

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