Matthew Vaughn Is Still Planning A ‘Hit-Girl’ Prequel And ‘Kick-Ass 3’

If you’re the type of person who looks to Rotten Tomatoes to judge a film’s worth based on critical scores and audience reviews, you’re probably going to think that Kick-Ass 2 was awful. If you’ve actually seen the 2013 film, there’s a good chance you also think it was awful. Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has openly accepted that fans didn’t quite care for Kick-Ass 2, and he still wants to make up for it with two more movies.

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the wonderful Kingsman: The Secret Service, in which the questions came from fans on Twitter, Vaughn admitted that he is “not happily done” with Kick-Ass and he has an idea for something that sounds pretty awesome.

“We’re working on an idea for a prequel of how did Hit Girl and Big Daddy become Hit Girl and Big Daddy,” he said.

“If we make that, hopefully that will be the sorbet for the people that didn’t like ‘Kick-Ass 2’ and then we can go off and make ‘Kick-Ass 3’.

“I think we’ve got to do this prequel to regain the love that we had with ‘Kick-Ass’.” (Via Yahoo! Movies)

Vaughn also said that he “was tempted to do something in the science fiction world” but Guardians of the Galaxy beat him to it, but that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that we might be getting more Nic Cage as Big Daddy, which was far and away one of his most wonderful roles of the last 20 years, as well as a (presumably) final chapter between Dave Lizewski and The Motherf*cker, and it could all be free from script tampering and Jim Carrey’s personal conflicts.

Now get to work, Matt.

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