Tina Fey Is Writing A ‘Mean Girls’ Musical

Mean Girls, one of the truly great teen comedies of the last 20 years, deserved a better followup than Mean Girls 2. Only one cast member from the original, poor Tim Meadows, appeared in the 2011 ABC Family sequel, which sorely missed Tina Fey’s wit and wisdom; like the word fetch, let’s pretend it never happened. Fortunately, the 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt creator is working on a proper continuation of the Mean Girls legacy: a musical.

Fey told Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen that she and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, are currently writing the production, which will “feature more classic, Broadway-style music than pop-skewing, Bring It On: The Musical-like songs,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Of the plot, Fey said, “We haven’t finished it yet, but it’s close — yes, pretty close”… They’re currently having trouble figuring out where the first act would end, and what would be the big “11 o’clock number,” or the climactic song toward the end of the second half: “[It] might be the girl fight.” (Via the Hollywood Reporter)

You won’t be able to sing along to “It’s Grool to Be Square,” “On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink,” and “Gretchen Wieners’ Lament” until “2027,” Fey joked, or “whenever Hamilton closes. We’ll wait it out.” How fetch of her.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)