A ‘Mean Girls’ Movie Musical Line That Left Lindsay Lohan ‘Very Hurt And Disappointed’ Has Been Removed

Did you know that Mean Girls is the second highest-grossing movie of 2024 so far, behind only Wonka? And that it’s number one among films released this year? (Wonka came out last December.) This goes to show a) it’s been a slow year for movies (save us, Dune: Part Two), and b) the Mean Girls movie musical exceeded expectations. It was also at the center of a mini-controversy involving the original film’s star, Lindsay Lohan. The actress’ representative said that she was “very hurt and disappointed” by a reference to the term “fire crotch” made by Megan Thee Stallion in the movie musical.

TMZ reports that the line has been removed from the digital version.

The rebooted flick — which is now a musical — finally hit VOD this week… so it’s available to rent on all your major players, Amazon and the like. The only difference this time around… Meg’s quote that pissed off LiLo in theaters is completely gone. Indeed… eagle-eyed fans noticed it right away as they started to stream the flick from home — the part where Megan Thee Stallion is supposed to say “Y2K fire crotch is back” has been edited out.

Megan’s line now ends with her saying “we are going back to red,” and cuts to the “Not My Fault” rapper laughing. This is like the Star Wars special editions, except instead of George Lucas adding a scene where Han Solo steps on Jabba the Hutt’s tail, it’s the Mean Girls musical removing a joke about fire crotches. Otherwise, practically identical.

(Via TMZ)