Paramount And Michael Bay Added Two Female Writers To The ‘Transformers’ Brain Trust

The Transformers cinematic universe just grew more interesting with the addition of its first two female writers. Christina Hodson and Lindsey Beer have been welcomed into the “brain trust” of writers who will craft different films based upon different characters and their intertwined stories.

The idea of a brain trust for anything related to Transformers is mind-blowing on its own. But Paramount is very intent upon crafting a Marvel-like universe, and they cannot simply rely upon the no-script approach of Transformers 2 to get there. Paramount already hired a Fringe writer and two Ant-Man writers.

Deadline further reports that Hodson and Beers will make worthy additions, as they both hold strong credentials in the fantasy, action, and comedy genres:

Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay have added the first two female screenwriters to the brain trust of writers who’ll hatch Transformers sequels, prequels and spinoffs under the supervision of Akiva Goldsman. Christina Hodson and Lindsey Beer have both joined the group that will help craft ideas to expand the universe of the Hasbro toy line, then go off and write them.

By and large, screenwriting is still a boy’s club. For Michael Bay to welcome female perspectives is notable. He’s long cultivated a reputation for directing actresses to pose like Victoria’s Secret models and wash his Ferrari, so this is a big step. It remains to be seen whether Hodson and Beer can carve out their own perspectives in this universe. Will we see less slow-mo running and hear smarter dialogue? Beer especially seems like a force with which to reckon. She “studied neuroscience and the intersection of technology and society at Stanford,” which is more than enough to qualify for writing about robots and explosions.

(via Deadline)