Michael Mann Will Try To Bring Chicago Mobsters Tony Accardo And Sam Giancana To The Big Screen

Sam Giancana
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Bringing much delight to his fans everywhere, Michael Mann has been in the news of late, with word that he will be exploring a prequel to his classic film Heat through his new book deal. Now comes word that via the same book imprint, called Michael Mann Books, he and author Don Winslow will team for a project focusing on former Chicago mob bosses Tony Accardo and Sam Giancana.

Mann has been trying to make a movie about the two giants of organized crime for some time now and this new publishing endeavor looks like he’ll finally get his wish. The plan is for Winslow to pen a new novel about the former kingpins and for that to be adapted into a screenplay that Mann will produce and possibly also direct. Mann previously wrote a script on the same subject along with Savages and Avatar co-writer Shane Salerno, which will be woven into the adaptation of Winslow’s novel.

It’s been somewhat slow going for Mann in recent years. His last movie, 2015’s Blackhat, was a critical and commercial flop and his 2011 HBO show Luck, was notoriously troubled and cancelled after just one season.

Still, the idea that the auteur behind Heat, Miami Vice, Collateral, and The Insider plans to get back to what he does best makes it easy to forget all that.

(via Deadline & SlashFilm)