Michael Shannon Is In Talks For Guillermo del Toro’s New Supernatural Romance

Michael Shannon is on a roll and it looks that hot stretch will continue by virtue of a new project from one of the most interesting directors out there. The Hollywood Reporter says that Shannon, currently on screen in both Jeff Nichols’s Midnight Special and as The King opposite Kevin Spacey’s Tricky Dick in Elvis & Nixon, is in talks to join up with Guillermo del Toro for the Crimson Peak auteur’s next movie.

The as-yet untitled flick already boasts Sally Hawkins, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and is “described as a mysterious and magical journey set against the backdrop of Cold War-era America circa 1963, with an otherworldly love story at its center.” Makes sense, given del Toro’s involvement. THR goes on to relay that Shannon will play the villain in the movie, a sign of him getting back to some familiar territory after several runs at more sympathetic characters.

Shannon, an Oscar-nominee back in 2008 for Revolutionary Road, has a couple other projects already in the can, including Werner Herzog’s next movie and Jeff Nichols’s as well, the highly anticipated Loving, scheduled to premiere later this month at the Cannes Film Festival. Hey, when you’re trying to wash Man of Steel and Batman V Superman off, every little bit helps.

(via THR)