Watch The First Clip Of Don Cheadle As Miles Davis In ‘Miles Ahead’

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Don Cheadle’s turn as legendary music mind Miles Davis until now had all but been limited to a sole photo. But now, we finally have our first look at what the Golden Globe-winning actor looks like as the jazz great in the upcoming biopic Miles Ahead, named for his 1957 album of the same title.

In the clip, we see Miles Davis’ incredible attention to detail, as he (played by Don Cheadle) demands that all sound sections be just right. However, learning more about the film, this clearly must serve as a flashback. Yahoo! reports that the film is largely centered around his period in the late ’70s following a debilitating hip injury. During this period, Miles fell heavily into drug abuse (both legal and illegal) to deal with the pain, as well as his career path.

However, a reporter named Dave Braden (portrayed by Ewan McGregor) helps him to recover stolen master tapes of his, as well as sort through his historic past. Miles Ahead serves as a directorial debut for Cheadle, as well as a return to the dramatic work he has gotten away from as of late, in favor of more comedy like House of Lies and action vehicles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While it does have the air of awards-bait, the legacy of Miles Davis is one of the most accomplished and fascinating stories that has yet to be told on film, and Cheadle may be the one to do it.

Miles Ahead is scheduled for an early 2016 release.

(via Yahoo!)