The ‘First Look’ At ‘Mission Impossible 7’ Is Heavy On The Tom Cruise Running (And Not Much Else)

Unofficially, we’ve seen a lot about the new Mission Impossible movie Tom Cruise is currently filming. There’s been lots of discussion about on-set safety conditions amid a pandemic, with Cruise vocally admonishing those not following the rules to keep production going. You can, in fact, see a lot of images of Cruise and company working in Rome.

There are plenty of car stunts, filming on top of trains and other set pieces that are sure to make Mission Impossible 7 just as big a spectacle as the other MI films. But what we haven’t really seen until this week are any official images from the movie. On Thursday, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie shared an image on Instagram of what appears to be a first look at the new Mission Impossible movie. Though, quite hilariously, it revealed about as little a possible when it comes to a “first look.”

Cast in smoke and shadows, the image looks a lot like Tom Cruise in a suit, sprinting down a darkened hallway. It’s a fairly iconic Mission Impossible trope, of sorts, though you can’t really even tell for sure if it’s Cruise. Technically, it’s far from an official promotional material release and McQuarrie has shared other photos, likely from Mission Impossible, like what appears to be the inside of an airplane.

But plenty of Instagram commenters gave the filmmaker credit for sharing a very shrewd teaser image for the upcoming movie without actually revealing much of anything.