The R-Rated ‘Mortal Kombat’ Reboot Is Being Compared To ‘Deadpool’

New Line Cinema

Of the 10 highest-grossing video game movies ever (a list topped by future-Best Picture winner Pokémon Detective Pikachu), only one was released prior to 1997: Mortal Kombat. Do I, someone who was 10 years old at the time, remember a single thing about the film? I do not. Hopefully the Mortal Kombat reboot is more memorable. It has the pedigree: the reboot is being produced by James Wan, while Joe Taslim, of The Raid fame, has signed on as Sub-Zero. The movie will be rated-R and “and for the first time EVER, FATALITIES will FINALLY be on the big screen,” as confirmed by screenwriter Greg Russo.

Russo also compared the new Mortal Kombat to a recent R-rated movie. “We looked at the games and then we also were looking at some film comps to compare our tone to. And I think things like Deadpool popped up and we’re like, we really like the tone of that,” he told Comic Book. “It’s got some great humor in there, but if you kind of take the humor out of it, it’s got real characters, like really emotional stakes behind what the characters are going through.” Russo added that Mortal Kombat has “always been very tongue-in-cheek in how it approaches over the top violence or just kind of some of the insane story ideas that they come up with,” so the Deadpool comparison makes sense.

But, please, don’t give Reptile baby legs. Thank you in advance.

(Via Comic Book)